Rising Equity, State-by-State

After a few tough years of falling property values, most markets are on the mend. The “news” will often give us a dose of the latest monthly figures, but real estate values should never be thought of like daily stock prices. A home is first a place to live and raise a family; it just so happens that over time, owning typically makes for a fine investment too. Here’s a look at the pace of price gains state-by-state and regionally going all the way back to when disco was popular:


The appreciation figures shown are derived from the Federal Housing Finance Administration (FHFA) All Transactions Data. Appreciation will vary from year to year, can decline and for any individual property, can be more or less than the averages illustrated here.


Rising values might make possible this year what might not have been possible last year.  Clients can refinance without mortgage insurance, accessing equity for improvements or repairs, selling without owing more than their home is worth, the list goes on.




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