People Buy Your Appearance – Before They Will Buy Real Estate From You!

People Buy Your Appearance

Having your own individual style is one of the ways you set yourself apart from other people—including your fellow real estate agents. I know an agent who loves hats and wears one everywhere. I know another agent who wears a fringed leather jacket and expensive scarf.

However, you can go overboard in your dress and appearance—which may be an obstacle of getting people to work with you.

Like it or not, people judge you by your appearance. So what if a guy wears a pair of diamond earrings and his hair in a ponytail? Or a woman wears a low-cut blouse? Some people won’t care–but potential clients might.

In some occupations, dressing the part is important to the overall “package”–like an interior designer, an art dealer or rock star. But you are selling real estate—to regular people.

There’s a caveat to all of this—if your clients and prospects dress the same way you do—then go for it.

If you have to ask yourself if appearing a certain way might make you less credible to the average client, then the answer is probably “yes”.

An appearance that distracts a client and takes them off the subject of buying real estate from you is a potential problem.

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