Sandra Ward

Sandra Ward

Mortgage Advisor | MLO # 1620525

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Ever since I became a Mortgage Advisor I’ve wanted to be known as someone who has great integrity. I strive to be the type of Advisor you would refer your mother, sister, or best friend to. I want clients to leave the loan process with the sense of satisfaction of having been taken care of during the purchase process.

I specialize in credit problems and help borrowers navigate and solve credit issues. I teach my clients how to read their credit reports and help them understand how their actions affect their credit score and assist them with laying down the building blocks to a better financial future.


Mill Creek Branch
16504 9th Ave Se, Suite 106
Mill Creek, WA 98012
Phone: 425.225.2850
Fax: 425.225.2855
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MLO # 1620525:
Title: Mortgage Advisor
Phone: 425.418.6085
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