Olivia Carriveau

Olivia Carriveau

NW Regional Marketing Account Executive

As Marketing Director is it my responsibility to make sure our team provides the best possible service to our clients– the loan officers. We want to make sure their focus is on seamless transactions and interactions with their clients; we’ll worry about marketing.

I’ve been working in marketing for the last 10 years and with Absolute since 2012.

I started as a Marketing Coordinator at an independent branch and have grown from there. I know what the daily operations are of our loan officers and that means I’m familiar with their day-to-day pain points-which should never be marketing.

When we have new loan officers onboard with us they tend to gush over how robust our marketing department is and it’s true. Our leadership team really supports the success of our loan officers by investing in our marketing efforts. We know that the team needs to stay educated in our field. Working in marketing means that you will always have to be a student of your practice in order to come up with innovative strategies to bring in new business and develop existing relationships with our realtor partners.

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Title: NW Regional Marketing Account Executive
Phone: 425.658.8600