Introducing Tyler Lockett as Absolute Mortgage’s New Spokesperson of 2016!



On February 8th, 2016 this could be heard echoing throughout the Seattle Grip and Lighting Company studio as the Absolute Mortgage Family practiced their scripts. Excitement could be felt buzzing around the room as the group of mortgage professionals got to try their hand at acting.

Yet no one seemed to be quite as excited as Tyler Lockett himself. Having been so focused on football throughout college and now into his career, he was thrilled to try his hand at something new.

The president of Absolute Mortgage, Eric Bolstad, picked Lockett for very specific reasons: “We did our research. We wanted someone who we thought had the same visions as Absolute. And that’s Tyler. He inspires people who’ve been told that they can’t accomplish something that they can. That someone can excel wherever they want, in whatever field they want, so long as they’re determined. That says Absolute to us.”

Absolute Mortgage and Tyler Lockett’s campaign will begin airing in April across several platforms including television and YouTube. For a sneak peek, check out the video below!

Check out our YouTube Page for the rest of our commercials!


About Absolute Mortgage:

Absolute Mortgage was founded twenty years ago in 1996 and prides itself on embodying their core values of Teamwork, Empowerment, Positivity, and Excellence in all aspects of the work environment, both internally and externally. Absolute Mortgage shares the belief that mutually-invested employee-company relationships create a work environment that everyone enjoys. Absolute Mortgage would like you to know that they are continually seeking talented people who share their core values to come join the family. You can learn more about Absolute Mortgage by visiting or visiting their career site at

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