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Finance of America Cares

OUR TEAM: The team at Finance of America Cares is made up of Finance of America and Absolute Mortgage employees all across the nation. These dedicated volunteers represent every facet of community life. SERVICE: At the heart of Finance of America's core value of Service, our fundamental philosophy of caring for our community, company, and customers is Finance of America Cares.

The Absolute Mortgage Community is a dedicated one. We volunteer our time and resources through Finance of America Mortgage’s Cares program. The Cares committee selects local causes that the company then puts its full support behind. We are honored to be involved with those we have helped thus far and look forward to continuing to do so.

The staff at Absolute Mortgage and Finance of America as well as the company, has committed themselves both financially and physically to the causes determined by the Cares Foundation committee. Our goal is to touch the lives of people that need our help resulting in a long lasting positive impact. We consider ourselves honored to be involved with some of the charities and causes we have championed thus far and look forward to taking on new endeavors.

What Finance of America Cares is All About

Cares strives to find and impact individuals and organizations in need of services or financial support. By providing time and resources, Cares will ensure a better quality of life and promote excellence within our community.

Finance of America Cares is Finance of America’s 501c3 non-profit organization that sponsors one to three foundation(s) that employees vote on annually. It provides monthly drives employees can participate in and provides group activities to support foundations and looks for individuals to help in time of need. Community Cares inspires others to “Pay it Forward” and impact others.

"Speak Softly, Speak Loud, But Always Speak UP"

In one meeting many days ago, one idea to “Pay it Forward” was presented.

How far could they make it grow? How many people could they impact? What amazing differences could they make?

The idea was embraced and people engaged. A board was formed, employees participated, management supported, ideas were cultivated, a non-profit designation was acquired, people were inspired, organization matured, consistence expanded, awareness increase. It continues to flourish and many altering , positive differences have been made.

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