The Secret Colors That Will Sell Your Home

Its summer time, which means the housing market is hot, hot, hot!

Before your first Open House it might be time for a touch up on some of those rougher paint jobs. Maybe the dog scratched at the door one too many times, or there was a drawing incident when one of the kids snuck away from you.

Regardless, according to professional interior designer Roslyn Ashford, “unless the homeowner has painted within the past year, they should repaint.” Putting a fresh coat of paint on your walls (both inside and out if you have the time) will give your house that extra pop!


Interior colors

Painting your interior can be a lot of fun, different parts of the house can be different colors depending on the room and style of home you have.


Living Room Colors

When repainting your living room keep in mind that it is the most likely room to be repainted. Your buyers are likely already going to have a furniture set that they’re ready to put in so strong, bold colors are a no-go in this room.

Stick to warm, neutral colors when painting your living room. Warm colors come across as inviting and will make buyers feel welcome in what hopefully will be their new home. Leaning more neutral helps with the ease of repainting.

Creamy whites and muted beige are the way to go for living rooms. They’re warmer than stark white colors but still give the buyer the chance to repaint easily if they so decide.


Bedroom Colors

Since the bedroom is a room made for rest and relaxation, try to paint with those colors in mind. Keeping a room lighter is going to yield better results when selling.

If you want to make it easy for home buyers to paint over, sticking to eggshell should be your option of choice. However, some sellers are taking color psychology into account when painting a bedroom and going with blue, which has shown to be the color of choice if you want a full night’s sleep.


Kitchen Colors

Bright, bright, bright!

Kitchen’s benefit greatly from bright colors, allowing you to see just how perfectly cooked your meal is.

Though everyone has their own taste, a light yellow seems to be the go-to kitchen color, bringing a joyful energy to the room. While some people will also suggest an olive-green, others can find it to be a bit too heavy for an entire room.


The Bathroom

Nothing bold can go in the bathroom. Bathrooms are usually small so picking colors that could deemphasize space is not a risk you want to take.

Stay away from colors like deep reds, browns, and blues. These will all make the room look smaller than it really is.


Painting a home yellowExterior Colors

Exterior colors matter. Everyone has driven past at least one house in their life where they’ve thought ‘well that’s a weird color’. It’ll be a lot easier to sell your house if you make sure you’re not that house.

Shades of White

White is a timeless farmhouse classic. Regardless of house size, shape, or location, you can’t go wrong with a classic white exterior.

Off-white is a nice alternative to white because it’s harder to tell when it dirties and is weather worn. A muddy handprint from a child or a dog pawing at the door asking to come back in won’t be as noticeable.


For a Natural Look

Putty is a very warm, inviting color that blends well with the natural surroundings in the Pacific Northwest. It also has the added bonus of going well with stone walkways leading up to the property.

Grey is a well-loved home color, especially when paired with a white trim, giving it that extra pop!


A Bolder Statement

Yellow homes are warm and inviting right off the bat. This color runs the risk of being overbearing however so stick to a pale shade and make sure there are a lot of spots where you can use white on the trim.

Deep blue greys have a very nautical feel to them  so if your home is near the water front this could be a big bonus for potential buyers.

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