How to Approach “Abandoned” Clients

Approach Old Clients

Over the past several years, many real estate agents have left the business. What happened to the clients from their sales and listings? Is anybody following up with them? It might as well be you, right?
Regardless of the economy, life events will intervene—and people will need to buy and sell homes. Whoever keeps in touch with them will win their business.

Here are some simple steps you can take…

  1. If an agent announces they are leaving the real estate business, ask if you could get their client list and if you could get a list of their past clients.
  2. Ask your broker for a list of accounts
  3. Add the “orphaned” clients to your database
  4. Send them a letter (sample below)
  5. Follow up with a phone call
  6. Ask for their email address and permission to email local real estate updates.
  7. Add them to your database.
  8. In addition, ask the agent (who is leaving) if you can add their name and email address to your database as well and would appreciate any referrals from them, too.

Sample Letter

Dear ______:
My friend (name of previous agent) told me that you have worked with (him/her) previously.

I wanted to inform you that the agent who assisted you is no longer with (name of your real estate company).

As a real estate agent with (name of company), I’d like to stay in touch with (his/her) past clients and be available should you have any questions. If you don’t mind, I’d like to call you in a few days to introduce myself as your resource for your real estate needs.

Thanks and please let me know if I can help you in any way.

Sincerely, (Your Name)


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