How Photos Can Increase Your Referrals

Oh no, not another old cliché about how “a picture is worth a thousand words”!

But have you ever thought about taking pictures of your clients at the closing table?

First of all, consider taking a “group” photo of:

  1. Your clients (and their children if present)
  2. The loan officer
  3. The closing agent or attorney
  4. You
  5. The sellers (if the buyer and seller are on speaking terms)

Then take 4 or 5 individual pictures. I suggest that you take the pictures BEFORE the closing ritual begins. It may be the only time you will have their undivided attention. They won’t look so tired from signing those million or so documents, and they might bolt right after the closing is over.

While a cell phone/digital camera is used, I suggest that you find a way to get them printed. Female Hipster Taking Photo With Retro Camera

Next, take a little trip to your office supply storeand buy some labels (colored if you can find them). Print your name, company name, phone number and email address on each label. Include one more line(s) with the words “Closing Date____________” and the blank line as shown, so you can write in the date of the closing. Also include a headline that says something like, “I appreciate your referrals,” (I prefer the two words “quality Introductions” to referrals) or any other message that you wish to convey to your clients. Remember: make the message generic because a copy of the picture will be distributed to other people as well.

Add the closing date and your contact info, and Photoshop the wording onto the photo. When they look at the picture years later, they will know when they purchased their home.

Buy a photo album (or a corkboard) for your office. Display the pictures with the names of the buyers/sellers.

Here’s the IMPORTANT part – the distribution of the pictures and the guerrilla marketing mileage you can get from each picture distributed.

Picture of Your Client – The picture is a “record” of one of the most important events in their lives. Clients usually place the picture on their refrigerator for family and friends to see. Of course, your name, phone number and closing date are there for reference.

Picture of Loan Officer – Here’s where you can make a huge impact! You can bet that you will only be one of a few real estate agents who have provided them with a picture of their clients! You might suggest that they post the pictures on their bulletin board.

Picture of the Closing Agent or Attorney – Yep, they should also be in the picture. Advise them to start their own photo album or display board and leave it in the lobby. I am sure that, without a doubt, they will see pictures of their friends and family as well.

Pictures of the Sellers – If the seller is present AND they are getting along with the buyers, by all means include them in the picture. Include your name and phone number on the back of their picture, as well.

Whether you create a photo album or a display board, title your group of pictures as “Pictures of Our Satisfied Clients.” Family and friends will invariably thumb through the album and see friends and family. It serves as another “silent endorsement” for you.

Since a picture is “worth a thousand words,” four or five pictures may be worth more than words – they may be worth thousands of additional dollars in income to you as well!

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