Getting Ready to Market Your Guts Out-3 Tips

3 Tips To Consider When Getting Ready To Market 

Have you ever sat down to write a blog, an email, or a newsletter, and could not think of a darn thing to write about?  Here are 3 tips to help you always have content—so you never have a “brain fart” when it comes time to write killer articles!

Tip #1 – Keep an Idea/Thoughts Folder

You may read a great article in a magazine or newspaper that you think your clients would be interested in—tear it out and put in a file folder.  Or scan it and save it on your computer.  You may have read a short post on Facebook, and think you can expand on the idea – cut and paste it, add it to your folder with a short outline of what you would write about.  Radio and TV are also great sources of info.

This can be done “virtually” using Outlook folders, Evernote, Google Docs or just a plain old Word doc folder.  It can be done “manually” with a plain old file folder.


Tip #2 – Keep a Picture Folder

If you see a great landscape, billboard, funny saying on restaurant wall, etc., take a picture of it.  Use your smart phone (using your camera app) or carry a digital camera so you’re ready when you see something you’d like to share with your peeps.  It’s best to take your own photos because many of those that you’ll find on the web are copyrighted.

Example:  A way to get people to comment on Facebook is to take a picture of a local landmark and ask your readers to “guess” the location.

The liberal use of pictures in your blogs or articles complements your written words and helps people visualize your ideas.


Tip #3 – Keep a Marketing Calendar

The right info (or article) at the wrong time can turn off your readers.  For example, don’t write “going back to school” tips in June.  Another turn off would be sending info too frequently. .  Create a “marketing” calendar and pencil in when you will be posting on Facebook, your blog, emails and snail mail newsletters.

Example:  For the month of July, you might create 4 weeks of hot-weather tips—Week 1 on Facebook, Week 2 on your blog, Week 3 an email notice, Week 4 a written newsletter.

Two things will happen:  You’ll be more consistent with your marketing efforts when you see the “whole picture” (from a calendar perspective), and your content will be more relevant from week to week and month to month.