How to get rid of “You Are Pre-Approved” Junk Mail using Pre-Screened Opt-Out

Do you get junk mail from other mortgage companies, insurance agents, credit card companies and car dealers with ads telling you that you have already been pre-approved to do business with them?   Well, let me tell you why!   Credit bureaus make a ton of money selling “credit profiles” to companies who are looking [...]

Is now a good time to move up?

Many clients have told us over the past couple of years they would like to move up to accommodate their growing families or to downsize now that the kids have moved on. While many have already done so, others have felt encumbered by a current home that couldn't be sold for a price that would [...]

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What do rising interest rates mean?

Rising interest rates can really make people nervous!   That's understandable, but remember that rising rates are usually a reflection of an improving economy. A growing economy means greater expectations for inflation and typically translates into rising home values.   While no one wants to pay more interest, knowing your home's value is likely increasing at a greater [...]

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When is the optimal time to buy?

    It's human nature to want to buy at the optimal price. Yet the optimal time is often a fleeting moment that can be identified only in hindsight.   In reality, we often are most consumed with purchasing at exactly the wrong time. Conversely, the optimal times to buy are typically at the points [...]

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Government shutdown & home loans: Update

We are now ten days into government shutdown. You should not see any large impacts on home loans. If you are currently in transaction you could see some short delays as 'work arounds' have been put in place of standard processes, but they will be minimal at this time for home loans in process. Government [...]

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Clients Can Qualify for a Mortgage if on “Temporary Leave” from a Job!

Clients Can Qualify for a Mortgage if on “Temporary Leave” from a Job!       You may not realize that temporary leave income can be counted toward helping a borrower qualify for their mortgage even if they won't be returning to work prior to their loan closing. Examples include:    maternity leave parental leave short-term medical disability [...]

Quick FHA Financing Facts if You List a Manufactured Home

Quick FHA Financing Facts if You List a Manufactured Home   It can be tricky to get financing for a manufactured home. It’s nearly impossible to get a conventional loan—so FHA may be the only type of financing out there for those home buyers. Keep this handy as a resource for your next manufactured housing [...]

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