Home Inspections

A home can be an emotional purchase, but no home is perfect, not even a new one. So before you finalize the purchase with the seller, it’s important to have an outside pair of eyes evaluate the property for your own peace of mind.   The home inspector will look for any issues with the [...]

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After the offer is accepted

Once a sale is agreed upon, it’s time to essentially repeat the pre-approval process with your mortgage advisor, to make sure nothing in your financial status has changed within that time period. By law, your GFE will reflect all the costs involved in executing the loan, some of which may now be covered by the [...]

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Making an Offer on a Home

If you’re using an agent, he or she does the legwork of checking the prices of comparable homes in the area (“comps”) while you make your decision. Together, you will then balance an optimal selling price against the current demand in the marketplace to come up with an offer. At this time, you can decide [...]

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The Mortgage Process – Documentation

Providing Documentation Whether you’re getting pre-approved or a final approval, you’ll need to document your assets by providing bank and investment statements, pay stubs, a credit report, and tax information such as a W-2 or tax return. If you’re self-employed or a small-business owner, you might need to provide more documentation about your income over [...]

The Mortgage Process – Pre-Approval

The first step in the mortgage process is mortgage pre-approval.  During the pre-approval process, you'll sit down with your mortgage advisor to assess your personal finances and contrast the type of home you want to buy with what you think you can afford.   Once your mortgage advisor reviews your financial information, you’ll receive a [...]

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