A Basic Guide to the Home Loan Process

The mortgage process is a rather extensive period that can be somewhat confusing for first-time home buyers. Although you will work primarily with a loan officer while applying for a mortgage, there are several institutions at work to determine the interest rate of your loan and provide funding for your home. Here is a look [...]

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What Do I Need to Apply for a Home Loan?

For many, buying a home is high on the list of life goals. Unfortunately, buying a home is not as easy as picking up essentials at the grocery store. First, you have to find a suitable house that’s for sale, speak with a realtor, make an offer, and then you begin the loan application process. [...]

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How Credit Scores Impact Mortgage Applications

If you have a poor credit score, then you may have noticed that it’s very difficult for you to get a loan with a favorable interest rate. You might be wondering—does this apply to mortgages, too? In this short video, a credit expert discusses credit scores and their importance. He says that a year ago, you [...]

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