Types of home loans available in Washington State

You have decided to buy a home. Overwhelming feelings are kicking in, excitement, concern, confusion! What type of loan is right for you? What are your options? There are many home loan options available in Washington State. Home lending has shifted since the housing boom. There has been more government regulations placed on the lending [...]

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Understanding How Mortgage Rates are Determined

The mortgage process is much more complicated than the interaction between you and your lender. Behind the scenes, there are financial experts monitoring the secondary market of investments, bonds, and securities to determine the interest rates that lenders offer. When you are applying for a loan, a basic understanding of mortgage rates can help you [...]

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A Basic Guide to the Home Loan Process

The mortgage process is a rather extensive period that can be somewhat confusing for first-time home buyers. Although you will work primarily with a loan officer while applying for a mortgage, there are several institutions at work to determine the interest rate of your loan and provide funding for your home. Here is a look [...]

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What Do I Need to Apply for a Home Loan?

For many, buying a home is high on the list of life goals. Unfortunately, buying a home is not as easy as picking up essentials at the grocery store. First, you have to find a suitable house that’s for sale, speak with a realtor, make an offer, and then you begin the loan application process. [...]

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How Credit Scores Impact Mortgage Applications

If you have a poor credit score, then you may have noticed that it’s very difficult for you to get a loan with a favorable interest rate. You might be wondering—does this apply to mortgages, too? In this short video, a credit expert discusses credit scores and their importance. He says that a year ago, you [...]

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