Calculating The Net Benefit Of A Refinance

Calculating the net benefit of refinancing can be a challenging task if you do not understand what to calculate. We are going to focus on the net benefits of refinancing from the standpoint of lowering your interest rate. Although there are several reasons to refinance, lowering your mortgage rate to save on interest payments over [...]

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Is HARP 3.0 coming in 2014?

Are you one of the many homeowners’ in Washington State who have been unable to benefit from the government’s “Home Affordable Refinance Program” or “HARP”? That might be about to change.   Congress recently confirmed Mel Watt as the new Director of the Federal Housing Finance Agency (FHFA) which controls Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac. [...]

Why does land appreciate?

Why does land appreciate? It’s a matter of supply and demand.  With the exception of about 30 acres per year of volcanic lava flow adding new waterfront property in Hawaii, the size of the United States has stayed very consistent for a long time. Since the days of the early explorers, property values have risen. [...]

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How long is a pre-approval valid for & more

It's always been a good idea to get pre-approved for your mortgage loan, but lately, it's become even more important.     Why should I be pre-approved for a mortgage loan? In recent years, mortgage guidelines have been tightened. Documentation requirements have been expanded and followed more closely. A pre-approval gets you through the process [...]

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Is Renting Better Than Owning?

There’s more to comparing the costs of renting and owning than the dollar cost of payments. “Investing in a home is riskier than renting.” No risk, no reward. Besides, even studies conducted by the Federal Reserve show that owning can provide a net worth that is from several to hundreds of times higher than that of renters. [...]

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