What Real Estate Agents need to know about the qualified mortgage rules

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has created a Qualified Mortgage Rule (QM) which goes hand-in-hand with Ability-to-Repay rules (ATR).   In a nutshell, here’s a simplified explanation of what QM is all about and how it will affect you and your borrowers when applying for a mortgage loan starting January 10, 2014.   The Mandatory [...]

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Where’s the shadow inventory?

Do you remember the doom and gloom headlines from just a few years ago regarding the “massive” and “shadow” inventory of unwanted homes for sale? Many commentators expected the overhang to persist for many years and continue to force property values down.   Some of those headlines are amusing today when you consider the historical [...]

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Rising Equity, State-by-State

After a few tough years of falling property values, most markets are on the mend. The "news" will often give us a dose of the latest monthly figures, but real estate values should never be thought of like daily stock prices. A home is first a place to live and raise a family; it just so happens that over time, owning [...]

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