Getting Your Seller Prepared for the Home Appraisal

Preparing for the Home Valuation Even in times when real estate was booming, when homes were selling like hotcakes, the property appraisal was one of the major hurdles for sellers, buyers and lenders. While the actual appraisal inspection may only take an hour or so, the appraiser must still go back to the office, do [...]

Helping Your Homebuyers Write a “Seller Letter”

In a hot real estate market, where there can be 7 offers on one home, your home buyers need that competitive “edge,” especially those who have to compete with “cash” offers. However, presenting the homebuyer as a “person” and not just another “contract” appeals to the seller’s emotional side of the transaction—that they are selling [...]

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Show Me the Money – OK Sources of Down Payment & Closing Costs

When you meet with your clients, the conversation usually gets around to the topic of the down payment and closing costs—how much and where’s it coming from.  Do you know what’s OKAY and what’s not okay?  While not everything is covered here, these are the most common money sources clients usually mentioned.   Acceptable Sources [...]

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How to get rid of “You Are Pre-Approved” Junk Mail using Pre-Screened Opt-Out

Do you get junk mail from other mortgage companies, insurance agents, credit card companies and car dealers with ads telling you that you have already been pre-approved to do business with them?   Well, let me tell you why!   Credit bureaus make a ton of money selling “credit profiles” to companies who are looking [...]

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