UNTAPPED EQUITY: Why Americans are hesitant to dip into their vast resources

UNTAPPED EQUITY: WHY AMERICANS ARE HESITANT TO DIP INTO THEIR VAST RESOURCES We are living in a unique moment when many of us have vast sums of money at our disposal that we are deliberately choosing not to access. According to Black Knight’s recent report, America’s 44 million homeowners have more tappable equity — $6 [...]

How to Prepare for a Home Loan Application

Are you getting ready to buy your first home? Maybe you're looking to refinance or move up to something bigger. The more prepared you are for your loan application, the smoother the process will go. Before reaching out to your Loan Officer, here are a few steps you can take. You've got to be prepared! [...]

Using home equity to consolidate debt

Do you think the value of refinancing is gone?   Equity is rising in many areas.  Rates may be off the lows but can still be an amazing bargain compared to consumer and installment rates. Total interest, total term and cash flow savings can be significant with the right plan.   Consolidating multiple debts into [...]

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What are the factors that make up your credit score?

Understanding the makeup of your credit score is the first step toward managing and improving it.     As you might expect, payment history is the most influential component in your credit score, followed closely by the amounts you owe. To lesser degrees, the length of time you've utilized credit, the number of new accounts [...]

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How to stop unsolicited credit offers

When your credit is pulled for your home loan, credit bureaus could share your personal information!     Put an end to unsolicited credit offers. It's far too easy for identity thieves to steal your mail or your garbage and use a pre-screened credit card offer to obtain credit in your name. Opt-out so this won’t happen [...]

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