Build your home with a Construction Loan

Have you been striking out on your home search? Do you want a home but not in a cookie-cutter subdivision? Have you considered having your home built? If you aren’t finding what you want creating your home from scratch could be your answer!

Contrary to popular belief, you can build your home with a Construction Loan!
New homes offer many advantages:

  • Newly built homes are typically larger than existing homes and offer more closet, garage, and storage space. New homes are also thoughtfully laid out with efficient space planning designed for today’s lifestyles.
  • Today’s new homes are wired up for the technological creature comforts we have come to enjoy; wifi powered speakers on your flat screen? You got it!
  • New homes are safer with hard-wired smoke detectors and alarm systems with battery-powered backup.
  • Improved heating and cooling systems and better insulation techniques offer lower energy bills.
  • New construction materials are free from asbestos, lead, and formaldehyde emissions. New radon control systems are also available.


When you build your home you can customize everything! From floor plans and paint colors to faucets and light fixtures. You can modify rooms and layouts; include walk-in closets, whirlpool baths, a bay window and custom appliances, the list is nearly endless.

Your desires are as unique as you are. Get out of the bidding war and get everything you want with our custom construction loan.

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