First-Time Home Buyer Credit Checklist

Getting a new mortgage for a First-Time Home Buyer can be a little overwhelming with all of the important details, guidelines and potential speed bumps. Since there are so many rules and steps to follow, here is a simple list of Do's and Don'ts to keep in mind throughout the mortgage approval process: DO: Continue [...]

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What Real Estate Agents need to know about the qualified mortgage rules

The Consumer Finance Protection Bureau has created a Qualified Mortgage Rule (QM) which goes hand-in-hand with Ability-to-Repay rules (ATR).   In a nutshell, here’s a simplified explanation of what QM is all about and how it will affect you and your borrowers when applying for a mortgage loan starting January 10, 2014.   The Mandatory [...]

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Calculating The Net Benefit Of A Refinance

Calculating the net benefit of refinancing can be a challenging task if you do not understand what to calculate. We are going to focus on the net benefits of refinancing from the standpoint of lowering your interest rate. Although there are several reasons to refinance, lowering your mortgage rate to save on interest payments over [...]

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When is the optimal time to buy?

    It's human nature to want to buy at the optimal price. Yet the optimal time is often a fleeting moment that can be identified only in hindsight.   In reality, we often are most consumed with purchasing at exactly the wrong time. Conversely, the optimal times to buy are typically at the points [...]

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