How to Prepare for a Home Loan Application

Are you getting ready to buy your first home? Maybe you're looking to refinance or move up to something bigger. The more prepared you are for your loan application, the smoother the process will go. Before reaching out to your Loan Officer, here are a few steps you can take. You've got to be prepared! [...]

The Secret Colors That Will Sell Your Home

Its summer time, which means the housing market is hot, hot, hot! Before your first Open House it might be time for a touch up on some of those rougher paint jobs. Maybe the dog scratched at the door one too many times, or there was a drawing incident when one of the kids snuck [...]

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Are Millennials Ready to Buy?

You’ve heard it said before. Millennials aren’t buying homes. They’re the largest generation since the Boomers and they aren’t moving anywhere. They’re living at home longer than previous generations. Or they’re putting their money towards rent rather than a down-payment. But does this mean they don’t ever want to buy? And for the few that [...]

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Introducing Tyler Lockett as Absolute Mortgage’s New Spokesperson of 2016!

“Lockett!” “Lockett!” On February 8th, 2016 this could be heard echoing throughout the Seattle Grip and Lighting Company studio as the Absolute Mortgage Family practiced their scripts. Excitement could be felt buzzing around the room as the group of mortgage professionals got to try their hand at acting. Yet no one seemed to be quite [...]

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Absolute Mortgage at CougsFirst!

March 10th was a big day for Washington State University alumni and Absolute Mortgage alike. You see we were at the 4th Annual CougsFirst! Show. CougsFirst! Is a trade show promoting businesses owned by Washington State University alums. And if there’s one thing I can say about Cougs it’s that they love to support Cougs. [...]

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Absolute Mortgage Awarded “Outstanding Retail Mortgage Company of the Year” at the 2015 WAMP Awards Gala

Congratulations Absolute Mortgage on your Outstanding Retail Mortgage Company of the Year Award! 10.01.15 –Seattle, WA On Thursday October 1st the beautiful Orca ballroom at Tulalip Casino was filled with the top mortgage industry professionals. Over 200 guests were present for the 2015 WAMP Business & Humanitarian Leadership Awards. As Ryan Hills, the evening’s host [...]

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40 Years Of Mortgage Rates [INFOGRAPHIC]

Mortgage Rates Over The Last 40 Years [INFOGRAPHIC] 40 Years Of Mortgage Rates [INFOGRAPHIC] It's always fascinating to take a look at historical mortgage rates over an extended period of time. By the nature of a mortgage transaction the viewpoint can be very miopic since the process of originating and closing a mortgage loan really [...]

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