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About Absolute Mortgage | Our Pledge


am_map_marker OUR DEFINITION

Absolute (‘ab-sə-lüt): to be both perfect in nature and quality.

am_map_marker OUR MISSION

Never lose sight of our client’s needs, goals and dreams. To be a trusted resource and knowledgeable advisor.

am_map_marker OUR PROMISE

Do everything in our power to deliver the best possible mortgage experience through honesty, integrity and a positive attitude.

am_map_marker OUR GUARANTEE

To inform, educate and advise our clients throughout their mortgage process and beyond.

We look globally at your financial needs. Our approach starts with our core values and the idea that Absolute Mortgage can help customers integrate an affordable home loan with their other financial goals and cash flow objectives.

Don’t worry, we’re easy to work with. We provide valuable professional advice combined with exceptional customer service – always.

Help Right in Your Neighborhood

If you live in the Puget Sound area, you’re sure to find an Absolute Mortgage that’s convenient. A home loan expert is waiting to help you move into your dream home, with financing that works for you. Stop by today and introduce yourself.

Customized Solutions

From the beginning of the process to the end, you’ll be comfortable and confident that together we’ve found a mortgage that fits your life today and tomorrow. To make sure of this, your individualized mortgage plan includes annual reviews to guarantee beneficial results.

Core Values

Absolute Mortgage was built on a pledge of four core values: Teamwork, Empowerment, Positivity and Excellence. They are our commitment to you – our motivation and the reason we’re able to successfully help each customer.

am_map_marker TEAMWORK

We can always achieve more by working together.

am_map_marker EMPOWERMENT

We empower others by giving them every opportunity to succeed.

am_map_marker POSITIVITY

We consistently maintain a positive attitude in everything we do.

am_map_marker EXCELLENCE

We strive for excellence by pursuing continual improvement in every aspect of our business.

FOA Cares

Our Mission: Our Mission is to strengthen our communities, enrich lives and inspire caring.

OUR TEAM: The team is made up of Finance of America employees all across the nation. These dedicated volunteers represent every facet of community life.

SERVICE: At the heart of Finance of America’s core value of Service, our fundamental philosophy of caring for our community, company and customer, is Finance of America Cares.



We engage Finance of America employees in all of our strategic initiatives with local nonprofits, including grant-making, volunteering and fundraising. We also have an Employee Assistance Fund to meet the health and welfare needs of our employees.

Community Impact Grants

Building strong communities through grant-making to nonprofits in the following three focus areas; Veterans, Youth and Human Services


Serving the emerging and long-term needs of our nation’s veterans and their families. In an effort to recognize the sacrifices they and their loved ones have made on behalf of our country, we proudly support active military personnel, veterans, and their families on a local level. We provide resources to nonprofit veteran’s services organizations whose programs connect veterans and their families facing hardships to an array of critical human services.




Youth Development


Empowering our youth to become compassionate and responsible members of society. The future drivers of change for the development and stability of our country are today’s youth. We support life-enhancing programs that engage youth within their communities, schools, social groups, and families, that are positive and constructive to the development of their character, and enable all young people to reach their full potential.



Human Services


Enhancing access to basic needs for underserved individuals and families. Human services strives to meet basic human needs by focusing on prevention as well as remediation of problems. We are committed to improving the overall quality of life for individuals and families at their point of most urgent need. To achieve this, we engaged in numerous initiatives with nonprofits whose programs and services work to prevent or end homelessness.




Employee Assistance Fund


Finance of America takes pride in its staff – their energy and skills are key in helping to fulfill our mission to strengthen our communities, enrich lives, and inspire caring. We recognize that employees may experience hardships that require emergency financial assistance. The Finance of America Cares Employee Assistance Fund (EAF) is a program designed to support our valued staff in times of unexpected financial hardship. A minimum of 25 percent of all employee and company contributions are allocated towards our EAF.




Team Member Volunteering


We created the The Team Member Volunteer Program to provide Finance of America employees the opportunity to be a part of the transformative power of donating their time and energy toward charitable causes through volunteerism. From organizing libraries, and providing food to the hungry, to walking rescue dogs, we encourage our team members to choose activities that match their interests.





Employee Giving and Fundraising



Employees are invited to voluntarily donate to Cares through payroll deductions or individual contributions. Up to 75 percent of employee and corporate contributions are distributed amongst regions to nonprofits through Community Impact Grantmaking. The remaining net income, a minimum of 25 percent, will be reinvested into the welfare of Finance of America employees across the nation, through the Employee Assistance Fund.




“I believe what makes our company’s nonprofit, Finance of America Cares, so unique is that it includes activation from Finance of America employees at every level, as well as being central to every core decision. In doing so, we are able to  unite each region’s commitment to local causes under one nationwide philanthropic umbrella, and strengthen communities everywhere at a higher level of impact.” – Ashley Pruitt, Cares Program Director 

Meet The Board

Jennifer Chalmers – President

Britany Luth – Vice President

Susan Lawyer – Treasurer

David Gillich – Secretary

Robert Hailey – Midwest Regional Impact Committee Chair

Christine Baker – Northeast Regional Impact Committee Chair

Eric Bolstad – Northwest Regional Impact Committee Chair

Sheron Dinnoo – Southeast Regional Impact Committee Chair

John Hutchens – Southwest Regional Impact Committee Chair

Jessica Siguenza – Regional Impact Committee Chair

Meet our Program Director


Ashley Pruitt | Program Director

There is nothing quite like the nonprofit sector. I feel incredibly fortunate that I get to make a positive difference each and every day of the week. Throughout the course of my career, I’ve worked at Susuan G. Komen, the University of Central Florida, and United Way. I’m currently responsible for the complete oversight of Finance of America Cares, all while strengthening partnerships within the community through the promotion and presentation of the vital programs that live within the organization. I am absolutely honored to be a part of the team leading numerous strategic philanthropic initiatives with FOA Cares, and employees of Finance of America. I earned both my bachelor’s degree in Interdisciplinary Studies, and Master’s in Nonprofit Management from the University of Central Florida (Go Knights!). I’m a native Floridian, and currently live in Tampa, Florida with my two rescue mutts.