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About Absolute Mortgage | Our Pledge


am_map_marker OUR DEFINITION

Absolute (‘ab-sə-lüt): to be both perfect in nature and quality.

am_map_marker OUR MISSION

Never lose sight of our client’s needs, goals and dreams. To be a trusted resource and knowledgeable advisor.

am_map_marker OUR PROMISE

Do everything in our power to deliver the best possible mortgage experience through honesty, integrity and a positive attitude.

am_map_marker OUR GUARANTEE

To inform, educate and advise our clients throughout their mortgage process and beyond.

We look globally at your financial needs. Our approach starts with our core values and the idea that Absolute Mortgage can help customers integrate an affordable home loan with their other financial goals and cash flow objectives.

Don’t worry, we’re easy to work with. We provide valuable professional advice combined with exceptional customer service – always.

Help Right in Your Neighborhood

If you live in the Puget Sound area, you’re sure to find an Absolute Mortgage that’s convenient. A home loan expert is waiting to help you move into your dream home, with financing that works for you. Stop by today and introduce yourself.

Customized Solutions

From the beginning of the process to the end, you’ll be comfortable and confident that together we’ve found a mortgage that fits your life today and tomorrow. To make sure of this, your individualized mortgage plan includes annual reviews to guarantee beneficial results.

Core Values

Absolute Mortgage was built on a pledge of four core values: Teamwork, Empowerment, Positivity and Excellence. They are our commitment to you – our motivation and the reason we’re able to successfully help each customer.

am_map_marker TEAMWORK

We can always achieve more by working together.

am_map_marker EMPOWERMENT

We empower others by giving them every opportunity to succeed.

am_map_marker POSITIVITY

We consistently maintain a positive attitude in everything we do.

am_map_marker EXCELLENCE

We strive for excellence by pursuing continual improvement in every aspect of our business.

Community Cares Absolute Mortgage

Community Cares

Community Cares strives to find and impact individuals and organizations in need of services or financial support. By providing time and resources, Community Cares will ensure a better quality of life and promote excellence within our community. Community Cares is FAM’s 501c3 non-profit organization that sponsors one to three foundation(s) that employees vote on annually. It provides monthly drives employees can participate in and provides group activities to support foundations and looks for individuals to help in time of need. Community Cares inspires others to “Pay it Forward” and impact others.

Speak Softly, Speak Loud, But Always Speak UP

In one meeting many days ago, one idea to “Pay it Forward” was presented. How far could they make it grow? How many people could they impact? What amazing differences could they make? The idea was embraced and people engaged. A board was formed, employees participated, management supported, ideas were cultivated, a non-profit designation was acquired, people were inspired, organization matured, consistence expanded, awareness increase. It continues to flourish and many altering , positive differences have been made. “I encourage everyone to speak their passion ~You never know who may engage in and embrace an impactful vision.” -Carrie Reed, Founder  

Our Mission

By providing our time and resources, the Community Cares program will strive to ensure a better quality of life and promote excellence within our community. The staff at Absolute Mortgage and Finance of America,  has committed themselves both financially and physically to the causes determined by the Community Cares Foundation committee. Our goal is to touch the lives of people that need our help resulting in a long lasting positive impact. We consider ourselves honored to be involved with some of the charities and causes we have championed thus far and look forward to taking on new endeavors.  


“On behalf of Partners Mortgage I wanted to let you know that our Leukemia and lymphoma Society Team in training reached our $100,000, fundraising goal! Community Cares donation helped us to do that and we are so grateful. As a results of meeting our goal Partners will be able to name a cancer research grant in Mindy Trinidad’s memory and follow the researchers efforts in finding a cure. You have made a difference and we are deeply touched.” -Michelle Kasama & Partners Mortgage Team.
“We are so grateful to our friends at Community Cares. Thanks to the generosity and support of the Community Cares team, Bridge Meadows children, families and elders live in a caring community where they grow and heal. Thank you for making such a big difference in the lives of so many! Thank you!” -Derenda Schubert, Ph.D., Executive Director of Bridge Meadows
“We’re humbled and grateful you chose our organization as part of your “paying it forward” giving. The loss of Brandon Brusewitz has been hard for our team, our young athletes, our school and our town. Like you, we maintain that offering young people a healthy activity through swimming—one that can sustain them for life- and a venue to meet good friends and mentors, is also a way to create and build upon success. We hope to pass this on to many young people. Thank you very much for the donation, which will go to sponsor a young swimmer.” -Laura M. Gibsonstrong, Killer Whales Swim Club, V.P
“First, I would like to thank all the members of Community Cares for helping my family in our time of crisis and need. I honestly do not know what we would have done without your help and generosity. 
My father in law went into the hospital on Friday July 23rd not feeling well and on Monday we received a phone call telling us that we had to get out there immediately as he could pass any day at any moment. We did not have any time to plan or prepare just panic. I had my wife and kids on their way within a couple of hours knowing I would simply have to figure out the finances later as there were far more important things to deal with. This is where you came in with your assistance giving us a solution to our needs and allowing my family to focus on the final days of a beloved man.
He passed away on Saturday July 31st a week after being informed that the Cancer he was told he beat in the fall had come back with a vengeance spreading to his brain, liver and lungs. He died peacefully with his family around him and was blessed in his final hours to become completely lucid for the first time all week so he could look his family in the eyes recognize them and say good bye. It was truly a miracle and a moment my wife and kids will cherish forever. Again for this I want to thank you.
Lastly, I would like to take a moment to tell you about him as he lived a life of helping others and would have been a great member of Community Cares. He retired early due to heart conditions and spent every day helping others through acts of volunteering. He worked at the local soup kitchen serving and preparing meals for the hungry, he visited the county prison to talk and council inmates and he acted as a means of transportation for any senior citizen that needed to be taken to an appointment or shopping. We also learned about random acts of kindness such as the time he came across a complete stranger with broken glasses drove him to the local optometrist and bought him a new pair of glasses or the time he was at his son’s Dairy Queen and when a lady could not afford the ice cream cake she ordered for her child’s birthday he automatically covered it for her without giving it a thought.
This is how he spent every day of his life and was known to answer the question “how are you doing?” with the response “best day of my life” every time even when he was battling cancer.  Being positive and helping others seems to be common ground for Community Cares and him. I know my family looks forward to reaching out and joining in on paying it forward as we have been blessed in our time of need.  Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.” -A Loving Family
“I wanted to thank Community Cares for the generous donation to Henry Friedler and his family.  I was able to visit him today and he has to be one of the sweetest little boys I’ve ever met. He was at Emanuel Children’s Hospital for treatment but should be home in a few days. They are excited to start an outpatient program for chemotherapy over the next month or so, which allows them to spend much more quality family time together. The family is amazingly positive and wonderful in every way. They are such an inspiration. Thanks again.”Jennifer Chalmers