5 Ways for Better Communication

5 Ways for Better Communication

girls whispering

Remember the game “Telephone”…where the first person whispers something to another person, who whispers to another, and another, and the last person says the “message” aloud as they understood it at the end.  Fact:  The message is NEVER the same as it started out to be.  That’s the same thing when working with clients – and oh, all the other people involved in a real estate transaction:  “The listener does not always hear/understand the intended message!”

So, what can you do?  Here are 5 tips for effective communications that will cut down on all the miscommunication that goes on!


1. Clarify the question: If your client asks you a question, but you sense that there is “something more” they want to know, ask them to clarify the question.  For example:  “I don’t understand what you mean,” “I’m not sure I understand,” “Would you repeat your question?”


2. Test what you heard: Use paraphrasing to test what you heard. “Do you mean….?”


3. Repeat it: If you don’t understand, try to repeat what they said, word-for-word.  Then ask the question, “Am I correct?”  The answer will either be “yes” or “no.”  You’ll be shocked at how many times people say “no.”


4. Feelings and perceptions: People also communicate through body language, facial expressions, or noises like grunting or sighing.  Speak up and ask questions like… “I get the feeling that…”


5. Practice listening: There is so much going on in the world today that it’s hard to pay attention. Active listening is an acquired skill.  It involves eye contact, use of facial expressions and words like “Yes,” “I see,” “Please go on”


Practicing this one tactic may make the difference between making a sale or losing it. Getting the deal closed on time or delaying it. Getting repeat clients/referrals or never hearing from them again.